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Historical Roots Of AfricaTown Church - AfricaTown, Alabama

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Welcome to the  History of the Union Missionary Baptist Church. Union Missionary  Baptist Church is unique and historically important to the urban communities between Prichard and Plateau Alabama, and it is .
The church has been one of many  of the historical landmarks within Africatown. Africatown  Union Missionary Baptist church has been here for over a 100+ years and the stories and pieces that are being discovered and discussed are significant. It is not just only significant to its residents in the neighborhood but people all over Mobile County.


The Union Missionary Baptist Church was created on a religious ground for people that were taken from their homes in Africa and brought here as slaves. They were lost and not able to get back and they went through many devastating times through their lifetimes. The support and groundbreaking compassion towards keeping its history uphold is important. The Union Missionary Baptist Church is a strong asset and connection of the Clotilda ship history, the Old Plateau Cemetery history, and the history of Africatown. All these critical areas within Africatown play a key role within their stories for others to learn more about its rich history. 

The church represents both the  history of  Africatown and well as the shared information of the relatives who knew of their ancestors struggles and hardships during their time here. Many people from all over have heard the stories whether the  books, documentary films, and bits and  pieces of the Clotilda and the Union Missionary Baptist Church . There were many relatives recalling the information and stories that were passed down from generations. The past of this city within Africatown holds many stories and  memories to last a lifetime, and without it being preserved and  revealing its history no one  will really know its story of the slaves and the beginning  of their  roots.