The History of their Story

Historical Roots Of AfricaTown Church - AfricaTown, Alabama

Meet Malayshia D., a driven graduate student at the University of South Alabama hailing from Mobile, Alabama. Her journey began at Vigor High School, where she graduated in 2018 with a passion for history and storytelling.

With a deep-rooted desire to contribute to her community and preserve its rich heritage, Malayshia embarked on a path towards becoming an accomplished writer and journalist. Her ambition led her to envision her own black historical newspaper company, where she aims to amplify the voices and narratives of underrepresented communities.

Malayshia’s dedication to celebrating black history and excellence is evident through her involvement with Hiztorical Vision Production, where she collaborates on projects such as Bama Black History 365 Prattville projects. Additionally, her commitment to empowering women and fostering community ties is exemplified through her membership in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., a prestigious organization known for its dedication to service and sisterhood.

Inspired by her upbringing in Mobile, Al Malayshia is determined to give back to urban communities, both locally and beyond. Her choice of Union Missionary Baptist Church as a source of inspiration reflects her admiration for the historical significance and unity upheld by black communities. Through her work, Malayshia strives to honor her hometown’s background and contribute to a legacy of resilience, unity, and empowerment.